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realm_of_libby7 in atheism

arrogance is bliss

how can all of u be so sure there is no God? where do u think everything came from? the world is to complex for things to just come out of thin air. sorry, but it makes more sense that God created all of this then for u 2 say that all of this came out of nowhere.

sorri but i'm going to ignore any rude comments i get.


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And everything is explained through christianity right? BAHAHAHA!

Ignorance must be bliss for you.
Hey, you're the one trying to float the "thin air" angle.
But nice try.

But honestly, science just fell out my arse, right?

Did you check out his/her journal? I'm confused. :o/
sorri but i'm going to ignore any rude comments i get.

It makes more sense for you to spell correctly and use proper grammar.
I hate to say it but, you've being very rude by calling the entire community 'arrogant' in your title. So to say 'I'm going to ignore any rude comments' seems a bit hypocritical.

Btw, what youre saying is known as the 'argument from design'.


"the world is to complex for things to just come out of thin air."
But gods aren't too complex to come out of thin air?
hee hee hee "strate pride" is in your interests. hee hee. man, if you're going to be an ignorant asshole bigot, at least fucking spell it right.
First indicator of a troll is the uze of 1337 sp33K.
Where did god come from?

in science i learned about were the dinosaur fossils come from. i guess they were all barried by satan 2 trick peeple away from the Lord's word. wow how meen but i'm glad we etleast know the truth.

Holy shit. Do people like you actually exist? I've seen some high levels of stupidity, but Christ on a cracker, that is mindfucking.
Troll indeed.
are god is a awesome god
dumb troll
Maybe people would take the likes of you more seriously if you were at least able to write your thoughtless little rants in proper English. It's even more embarrassing for you to get told this by someone who doesn't even speak English as first language, like me.

And even as a theist, I find what you wrote pathetic.
God bless!
See, people like you are the reason that people begin to hate the church. I mean really.
I do believe we have been 'had' - the 7th realm of Libby is a comedy LJ if ever I saw one... I think the "damnportlanders" group is perhaps closer to the mindset of the author?
Awesome troll strike!


Gotta give you credit for keeping up the comedy journal for as long as you have. A for effort.
I have to say, this line from your journal just might put you in the stratosphere for Grade A trolling:

also i got 2 the highest math ever: basic alegbra. i cant belief i am at the highest math ever invented by god but its so hard i can see why its the last math in the world lol.

Seriously, you're good.
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