Blowjob Survivor (bjsurvivor) wrote in atheism,
Blowjob Survivor

Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights...Right now!

Enough is enough! It's time to draw the line against the Republican war on women's rights. Forced vaginal ultrasounds, "forcible rape" legislation (Paul Ryan and Rep. Todd Akin were 2 of the 227 Republican co-sponsors of House Bill H.R. 3: "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" that re-defined the word "rape"), H.R. 358: "The Let Women Die Act" which, among others things, would allow Catholic hospitals to let pregnant women die rather than transfer them to another hospital for an emergency abortion, fertilized egg as person bills at the federal and state levels, abortion restrictions in a plethora of states, attempts to allow employers to deny coverage of contraception in insurance plans according to the employer's conscience, etc. ad nauseum.

I signed The Reproductive Bill of Rights and I urge everyone else to do so. Politicians have no business interfering in our reproductive decisions. Let's create a tsunami of support for reproductive rights!

Sign the Bill of Reproductive Rights at


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