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jesus horse1

mountain_hiker in atheism

Atheism is the fastest-growing "religious" group in America

According to CNN.

Survey: One in five Americans has no religion
Washington (CNN) – The fastest growing "religious" group in America is made up of people with no religion at all, according to a Pew survey showing that one in five Americans is not affiliated with any religion.

The number of these Americans has grown by 25% just in the past five years, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

The survey found that the ranks of the unaffiliated are growing even faster among younger Americans.

Thirty-three million Americans now have no religious affiliation, with 13 million in that group identifying as either atheist or agnostic, according to the new survey.

Pew found that those who are religiously unaffiliated are strikingly less religious than the public at large. They attend church infrequently, if at all, are largely not seeking out religion and say that the lack of it in their lives is of little importance.
I found this interesting:
The Pew survey suggested that the Democratic Party would do well to recognize the growth of the unaffiliated, since 63% of them identify with or lean toward that political group. Only 26% of the unaffiliated do the same with the Republican Party.
I have to admit that I don't know any Atheists or Agnostics who are Republican. Is there anyone in this community who is or do any of you know someone who is? I'd be interested in hearing how they justify their political affiliation given the fact that the Republican party is traditionally centered heavily around and supported by those with evangelical religious beliefs (but not always).


I'm curious about the constitutional issues. Which issues do you match better with the GOP?

FYI - I'm a Blue Dog as opposed to a liberal Dem, so I can sort of understand about the economic, although the GOP has sort of been on a spending party for the last thirty years or so.
So, more or less States' Rights/Sovereignty? I mean, beyond that and the second amendment, the GOP leaves it all up to interpretation.
I believe Karl Rove has said he doesn't believe in God. And S.E. Cupp is the poster child for conservative atheists. I'm sure there are others.
I find it tough to believe S.E. Cupp is an atheist at all. She actively campaigns against the idea that atheists should be treated as equal citizens. I think she mainly holds her stance so that she can sell books.

If she IS an atheist, I think she's probably of the school of thought that says: "while I might be able to be good without God, most people would turn into evil monsters without religion to keep them in check". However, the way she puts her views across, I think it's more likely that she's simply disingenuous.
You're absolutely right that she comes across as, at best, completely different from most atheists you might meet, and at worst a lying attention-seeker. But I can't read her mind and see what she really believes.

If I take people at their word when they say they're Christians, I should do the same with atheists.
She's made explicit that she would never vote for an atheist president. Why would she say that if she considers herself an atheist? Her stated reason is because she thinks that religious belief would act as a 'check' on the President's behaviour, hence my statement above.

But in the end, I think her reason for being so supportive of religion goes beyond thinking the rest of the human race needs religion to keep them moral. I think her main focus is to make money and it seems to be working out for her so far.

I reckon Ann Coulter does something pretty similar. I don't think she believes everything she says and writes either.
Don't forget Ayn Rand hero to many a conservative.
Which is sort of funny. Her views on social issues left her incompatible with most of the GOP.
My husband is an atheist republican. I'm an atheist democrat. Off of television and out of the media, there are a lot of atheist republicans, at least I know a bunch, because of my husband. Religuion just doesn't factor in at all with their political beliefs, etc. It doesn't even come up unless someone like me brings it up.
One of my LJ friends is an atheist rabid Republican. Democrats, and Obama especially, cannot do anything right at all. I must admit, I find his viewpoints completely non-rational.