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Cute Kitty

largestill in atheism

Kicked Out Of The Creationist Museum

My friend Derek got booted out of the Creation Museum in Kentucky for wearing the atheist t-shirt that says "There's probably no God so stop worrying and enjoy your life."

PZ Myers was there with him and made a post about it.
He wrote: "It was genuinely bizarre. As you can see in the clip made as we were standing outside, there was no shouting, no disruption, no rudeness at all going on — they simply plucked Derek out of the group and told him he was a bad boy.
I think Derek was simply their chosen sacrificial lamb, used as an excuse to vent their failed expectations for a ferocious confrontation."

Read more:

ABC has picked up the story as well as many other blogs.
Please DIGG - http://digg.com/d3105ht

Video from just after getting kicked out.


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I figured it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. Not terribly surprised.
I think a good reaction would to have a group the size of the max capacity of the museum show up wearing the t-shirt.
ha yeah!
That would be great.
I've been waiting for something like this to happen. I'm interested to see what the local (failtastic) media does with the story.

I've been tempted to go there for the hilarious factor of it all, but tickets are stupid expensive. It's probably for the best since my brain would explode at the exhibit of dinosaurs and humans living side by side a few thousand years ago. Stupid science making me know things.

I would like one of those tshirts.
same here though I probably wouldn't be able to wear it (there's two very religious people that live in my building and I already have a somewhat shaky relationship with one of them I rather not get shaken worst by telling them that there God likely doesn't exist).
I hope this starts a beautiful chain reaction of people doing the same. But then they would make money so nevermind..
I honestly can't say that I blame them for kicking him out. I mean, it really just sounds like he was baiting them.
I see this point of view, but I also think that he has every right to be in the museum. It snatches away an argument that atheists are ignorant of faith, if they're exploring it.
Unfortunately, a Creationist museum is hardly likely to be in keeping with the liberal modern ideas of free speech and free expression, so I can see why they threw him out.
Amazing how insecure these follows of a so-called Omnipotent God are... as if they know that they're peddling indefensible bullshit.
Well, on the one hand I can see why they'd kick him out. It is a little obnoxious to wear that to a creationist museum--what did he think would happen? It's not like people who are creationists are well known for tolerance or open-mindedness.

On the other hand, it was awesome and it's FUN to bait the creationists! He is simply exercising his freedom of speech and should never have been kicked out unless he was actually disrupting things, which it doesn't sound like he was doing at all. The others who were there seem to have been making more of a disruption than he was.

On a third hand which I haven't evolved yet even though it would be cool, I wonder what would happen if someone was kicked out of a real science museum for wearing a cross? I think we should try it and find out.
I think you'll find the two are not mutually exclusive. :)
I met him shortly after that, and he seemed really nice!
I thought the supposed point of the museum was to show the "truth" of how the world came to be. If that were the case, they should have viewed a visit by a nonbeliever as a chance to educate him on the reality of the situation. That is, after all, what a normal museum would hope to do - educated the uneducated.

Booting him for being an outspoken atheist just further exposes them as the pathetic liars they are.
I just think they didn't want him ruining all the displays with his so called "scientific facts." Kinda puts a damper on those Jesus hugging dino leper displays. D:
how in the world is that the same thing? creationist museum ---> holocaust museum ???

i mean, one is blatantly disrespectful (the nazi at the holocaust museum) and the other is creationists being tired of atheists mocking their blatant misrepresentation of science.

but sure, they could be the same thing.
I'm sorry. He said not to wear any atheist tshirts.

I know it's stupid, but he warned you. You (or your friend) tested him and got bit. I have no sympathy.
everyone had atheist shirt on there.
Like almost all 250+ of them.
Isn't the Creationist Museum getting seized by the IRS, since Kent Hovind has been convicted of tax evasion?

Eep, wrong creationist museum. Apparently, Hovind's is in Florida. Didn't know there was more than one of these fucking things!
I laughed out loud. ♥
Aww, it was because of the t-shirt? Stupid creationists. Anyway, it's the standard one from the bus campaign, not even a rude one or anything.
If "god" created each and every species personally, why is it that 99% of them have become extinct? With a recall rate that high, I'd say the Intelligent Design isn't that intelligent, and that the Designer ought to be running General Motors.
Don't you know The Flood explains everything?
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