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Cute Kitty

largestill in atheism

When Sylvia Browne Comes to Town

I thought some of you here might enjoy this.

This is something we pulled off a month or so ago.
A group I frequent decided to troll Super Psychic Sylvia Browne when she came into town.
For a good reason I might add, as she is a fraud, with much evidence against her.

Here is an excerpt of the report we wrote up of the incident that was posted to the James Randi Educational Foundation's Blog.

"Sylvia Browne is well-known to readers of Swift. Like all professional mediums, she makes a living on the grief, pain and desperation of people who are usually blissfully ignorant of cold reading, Barnum statements and the tendency of the human mind to see what it wants to see. The best way to combat ignorance is through education and when Sylvia announced that she would be coming to Halifax, Nova Scotia as part of her latest tour – a farewell tour, apparently (let's hope she's not like Cher) – the Skeptics and Secularists of Atlantic Canada decided to give her audience some information that could save them future heartache and empty wallets."

The rest of the story here:
It's a great read.

I am working on a "How To" style video at the moment describing what we did and how others can do it as well.

Stuff I made for the event:
(click on images for large pictures)


That was a good read, despite the disheartening realization at how many people allow themselves to be deluded. I'm curious to see how the video turns out.
Yeah, it was pretty sad.
We were literally shocked at how many people showed up.
We made only 200 kits thinking that we'd have a few left over.
Boy were we wrong.
The 200 were gone in like 10-15 mins.

I felt kinda bad only once when a woman came up to me and took a flyer in her hand and shook it in excitement, saying, "I've been waiting forever to see her. This is going to be great."

I'll definitely be posting the video here.
Sadly there isn't actual video of us passing stuff out, because one of our guy was late.
She's so creepy.
I read the rundown on stopsylvia.com of the show at the exaclibur, where she calls Lancaster's site "nasty." He missed an opportunity to plug it -- "Oh, stopsylvia.com? You should all check it out."
My mom is into this scam artist. I keep trying to tell her how she 'works'; I'll be sure to slip some of these into her books.
That would be awesome! :D
If you do take a picture and post it here.
I'd love to see it.
Great job with the fliers!
Thanks! ^_^
I was quite proud of how they looked when we were finished making them.
Thanks. ^_^
Randi's sarcasm is always relevant to my interests.

But yeah, I had a friend who used to sit in bookstores and read her stuff constantly. Was obsessed with her, but never bought anything. It was the best kind of fan ever, because she wasn't profiting. My Catholic grandmother, on the other hand... not so much. But my grandmother has literally crashed her car because she was enamoured by her guardian angel appearing on the side of the road, so... yeah.
Great work on the flyers!
I just read that article over at the JREF. Excellent work!

I really like how your checklist is expanded into a how-to. Most people who just had the checklist probably wouldn't understand what was meant by those things, but the cold-reading instructions make it perfectly clear what she does. After I read some info from Randi and StopSylvia, I watched a video of her reading an audience, and it becomes so obvious!

I do pity the poor guy who went into the show, though. Sylvia is so repugnant. :6 Way to take one for the team!
Yeah, I still can't believe people paid up to $150 a ticket for her bullshit.
I love the long claws on your "Stop Sylvia" banner--ROFL! You would think the spirits would give her better fashion advice.
lol ^___^
I am curious, what's this got to do with Atheism?


Sylvia Browne: Claims to talk to dead people's ghosts.

The theists we usually post about: Claim to talk to God/Jesus/Allah.