The Tease (gentlemaitresse) wrote in atheism,
The Tease

The recent candy post reminded me of something I wanted to share with y'all.

I homeschool my children, and according to Florida state law they must be evaluated annually. So this week my son is getting together with a bunch of other homeschooled children to take a standardized test, given by a licensed teacher.

During a break yesterday, one of the other children gave my son a tract. My son is 9, and he didn't really know what it was. It asks on the front, "Are you a genius?" and it has a picture of Albert Einstein. But inside it is full of bible questions and answers, and then it has the sinner's prayer (I think, I only glimpsed at it long enough to tell him what it was, at which point he set it aside, and it's probably still in the car).

Would you bring this up to the teacher? Would you say anything to anyone? Or would you just let it go? I think it's disgusting to disguise a religious tract as an IQ test and children's comic, and to have your children distribute them to other children.

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