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deloreanflux88 in atheism

A-ists and B-ists

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"V", damnit!
Nah, can't be a 'V', there's clearly a cross-piece.

Could easily be a 5 pointed star, though.
Yes, partially buried and degraded. Clearly, that's what it is! I bow to your superior intellect. :)
hahaha that's great. :)
Great :D
But where are the D-ists?
*rolls eyes*
looks like P
LOL I love it!
That is an awesome picture.
You know, they'd really need to dig up some real material to make that "A".

So, somewhere out there's a big A-hole.
Very funny, but it's screwing up my friends list. A cut or smaller picture would be appreciated.
There's an LJ option to automatically hide pictures larger than some size behind a link. I highly recommend it.
Do you know where I could find it?

"Image placeholders"

I've got it set to use image placeholders for "large images (over 640x480)".