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dukesnorre in atheism

Heh. Norwegians, go here and laugh. The impaired get translations:
Elisabeth Riiber from Selbu files lawsuit against newspaper for blasphemy, after two strips from the comic 'M'.

It's especially the two strips from monday and tuesday this week that Riiber is reacting to. "On monday especially I think there was a grotesque episode that mocks and makes fun of Christ," says Riiber to Nea Radio. She further threatens to end her subscription unless Adressa stops the comic, which is made by local resident Mads Eriksen. Riiber is of the opinion that it's ok to make jokes about the church, priests and christianity. The reaction comes strongly, however, when the cartoonist mocks the main person of the christian world.

"This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. You can't use Jesus Christ as an advertising board," says Riiber to adressa.no. The 94 year old woman became so angry when she read the comics in Adressa monday and tuesday, that she filed against Adressa for blasphemy. [Norway has a sleeping blasphemy law.] "Do you see this as a parallel to the Muhammed       drawings?" "This isn't just a parallel, but much worse. Christianity has many prophets, but we have only one Jesus Christ. He's much more than a prophet, he's the main actor," says Riiber. She's a former vicar's wife in Selbu and has been working with visitation service [what the hell is that?] in the commune for many years. "Although I am 94 years old, I still have thoughts in my head. I became so angry when I saw this, and thought that this comic shall not continue without my protest. But I don't mean to create any circus with this. But I thought Adressa was a too serious newspaper to use a comic like that."

"I think we should be able to stretch freedom of speech at least this far. If you read the strips properly, you'll see that Mads Eriksen is confronting the power of advertising. He puts things pointedly to get his message across, not to insult anyone," says Sigrun Berge Engen, culture editor of Adressa. "Do you understand that some people may perceive this as offending?" "Yes, I can understand that. But we need space for artistic freedom. Especially for local cartoonists," opines Berge Engen. "This is nothing to get excited about."

According to [I don't know, let's say] sheriff John Paulsby in Selbu and Tydal, Elisabeth Riiber compared the M strips to the Muhammed drawings, and thinks she has good reason to react. "We have received the [file, lawsuit, legalese crap], and sent it to a jurist, suggesting to dismiss the case," says Paulsby. He agrees that this is no laughing matter, but doesn't think that the strips break any laws.

Mads Eriksen reacts with raw laughter when we bring him news of the lawsuit. After he regains control, he describes the situation as absurd. "I find it completely absurd that a 2000 year old fairy tale should dictate my cartoons. I have no respect for her invisible playmate," says Mads Eriksen to adressa.no, and adds that he has never before witnessed anything like this. "You have no plans to accommodate her wishes?" "No, in no way."
I think I'll fall in line with the people who are surprised that it's ok to mock real people, but if you mock a god, supposedly a great and forgiving god, well then you're in deep shit. You've got to love Mads' reaction, though. :]

The strips themselves:

The first:
Jesus: Hi guys - Jesus Christ here, son of god, but also the cheery carpenter from Galilee!
Jesus: In my work as Messiah, it's important to have good tools ... which is why I only buy tools from "Onan's bazaar and ironware"!
God: Ahem ... Didn't you visit "Yehud's carpentry shed and used camels" the other day?
Jesus: Daaaad!
God: The holy spirit wants to know why you're hanging around Gethsemane late at night with those hoodlums - and what is the deal with all that foot-washing?

The second:
Jesus: When you're hanging out all day, sun and wind will dry out your skin and make it lifeless and matte ...
Jesus: That's why I use: "Pilate's Crucifiction cream for manly men"!
Jesus: A unique formula with myrrh and philistine foreskins makes the skin soft and smooth, and the patented ... Ack!
Jesus: Ack!
Jesus: Nose itching! Ack! Ack!
Jesus: Ack!
Roman dude: Cut! Cut!

And a bonus, older religion haranguing:

Dude: Hi there! Can I tell you about Jeesus?
M: Huh? You're christian?
Dude: Yes?
M: Why?
Dude: Because ... the bible says that
M: That's just a moldy and old fairy tale book!
Dude: It is?
M: Sure is!
M: Now come inside and grab a beer! We're watching "Wrath of Khan".
Dude: But-
M: No "but"!
Dude: Uhhhh
M: Meet Job and Isaak. They're mormons.
Mormon-1: We were mormons!
Mormon-2: Now we're trekkies!

Update: The line "I have no respect for her invisible playmate." has since been omitted from the article. :-(
Also, they might not be Norwegians, but they'll do: Swedes trust IKEA more than the church. :-)


Did you translate that entire article, or did it have an English version?
It's a translulzion by horsie. If there's a translation available by an available translator, I'll gladly rip out and replace the text.
No, no, I was just wondering how much free time you had ;D
Too much, man, too much. (Not really, but I'm a procrastinator.)
By "available translator" I meant "actual translator". You have no idea how many times my brain farted while translating that and writing the (the the) same word several times.
Haha, I speak Dutch and some German so it's fun for me to try and figure out what the Norwegian says based on what I know from other Germanic languages :D
In that case I'll point out a word which has to be pointed out to Norwegians fairly early: Øl - Beer. If we weren't told, we'd probably shamble into some bierstube and try to order öl. :-P

You've got to love Mads' reaction, though.

"I find it completely absurd that a 2000 year old fairy tale should dictate my cartoons. I have no respect for her invisible playmate,"


Re: You've got to love Mads' reaction, though.

Indeed, that guy should have his own appreciate society. ;-)

Some people whine about anything. Is it a hobby or something? But the cartoonist is admirably bold! *clap clap clap*
Make her grandchildren move heavy furniture around?
That's what they call in Florida an "eventual left turn..."

I'm surprised a 94-year old granny is actually reading the newspaper, and getting off her chair to argue about it. Usually they just sleep through the day, and when they're actually awake they're yelling, "What was THAT?"
My grandmother did that once, while she was driving. I asked her why, and she replied that she didn't hear that the blink was on. :<
Swedes trust IKEA more than the church.

Well, of course.

Church: "Believe what we tell you or burn in hell!"
Random Swede: "Why?"
Random Swede: o.O
Ikea: "Hey, buy our stuff."
Random Swede: "Why?"
Ikea: "Because it's cheap and it looks neat."
Random Swede: ^__^
< 3
Genius. Love it. ^_^
I thought Sweden was mostly atheist? The article says 80% are in the church.

But yeah, some 94 year old granny has no right to tell that cartoonist what to print. Honestly, I doubt anything will happen. The only thing I hope will happen is that more of these cartoons get printed. Yay!

"In the church" means you pay a voluntary tax to maintain the historical buildings and archives of the church. Everyone is a member from birth, and opting out is not something which is advertised particularly loudly. However, nearly all of the members are atheists.
The irony is even better than the origins of the Anglican church. If only the US took this way of keeping history while only paying lip service to the mythologies.
Same as in Norway, then. Except I thought you guys finally separated church and state?
Yes, they are separate, but everyone is still automatically a member and have to opt out.
Does everyone sleep through the sermons too? ;)
Most noone ever goes to any.
> Honestly, I doubt anything will happen.

One hope is that this legal action will eradicate the 'sleeping' Blasphemy law.

-= Me
I love the Trekkie comic! Awesome!