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DNA Shuriken

throwingstardna in atheism

Credit For All The Good, No Blame For The Bad

The aunt of one of the women found alive after having been kidnapped in Cleveland 10 years ago says "If you don’t believe in miracles, I suggest you think again."

Uhm ….. seriously?

Gina DeJesus was abducted when she was 14 years old and raped for a decade … and you say "God is looking out for us"?

That's not really the kind of protection I want for my family.


At least, in the olden days, this line of reasoning was marginally less hypocritical. While God got all of the credit for the good, "the devil made them do it" was still an acceptable rationale for the bad. These days, though, "I was possessed by Satan" doesn't hold water for most folks to explain away evil behaviour, while "God was working through me" is still an acceptable explanation for good acts. Nowadays we just have the one unobservable, undefinable entity taking credit for own actions.

Me, I'd skip the prayer and give the neighbour who got them out the world's biggest gift basket, but that's just me being a big 'ol skeptical killjoy.