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DNA Shuriken

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Credit For All The Good, No Blame For The Bad

The aunt of one of the women found alive after having been kidnapped in Cleveland 10 years ago says "If you don’t believe in miracles, I suggest you think again."

Uhm ….. seriously?

Gina DeJesus was abducted when she was 14 years old and raped for a decade … and you say "God is looking out for us"?

That's not really the kind of protection I want for my family.


Neither of those things is true.

1. No, it's not your "job," but if you make a claim, you should be able to defend or support it—or at the very least, explain it.

2. It's entirely possible that if you make a compelling argument in favor of your claim, I will agree with (or at the very least, understand) your claim. Just because I haven't thought of a position on my own doesn't mean I would never find it legitimate or worthwhile.