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iisz in atheism

Christian Bashing vs. Gay Bashing


OMG, the VERY FIRST thing I thought was 'boy, Christians sure do care about good grooming, don't they?'

It's like a constant in an uncertain universe...the Christian will always be the best-put-together guy in the friggin' ROOM! :)

My point, and I do have one, is, that if Christianity is good at nothing else, it's good at the advertising side of things. We could learn a lot, we atheists could.
Ooops, thirty seconds later, I figured out that it was a gay guy, not a Christian. Which is ironic, because the VERY SECOND thing I thought was that he looked kinda gay for a Christian.

That video is terrific.
lol, when I first read your comment I thought you said "terrifying". Which kinda works too when you see what Christians define as "bashing" whereas what every one else uses(except possibly muslims, they've been known to use bashing in the same sense as this which is pretty much: "anyone showing my religion in a non-serious way or not wanting to add extra importants to my faith against other faiths.")
I couldn't finish it. I don't want to start my day angry. "Boo hoo Bill Mahr made a movie attacking religion and since the only religion is christianity that means he's a bigot wahhh"

Fuck off, you faux-thin-skinned morons.
Someone needs to send this to the CADL
That is a very powerful video. It ought to be broadcast by some of the so-called News agencies....
Cheers, thank you for sharing this.
I get it, CADL sounds like CATTLE, an easily herded group of creatures. Lawl.
This video is great and yet depressing at the same time.

Way to go Christianity for massacring your fellow species :\
Well, the video doesn't say that the gay bashers are Christians, it is merely a commentary on the misappropriation by Christians of language used to denote very serious crimes against gays, whether by Christians or not.
That was very moving, thank you for posting

This is not Hell, but you can see it from here

Even though I've seen some really fucked up shit in the past, the infinite depths to which some people will actually resort to is almost beyond comprehension. Having a pretty good grasp on history and the hellish effects religion had on it should somehow prevent me from being surprised, but yet here I am, slack-jawed and stunned with disbelief.
Thanks for posting this.
I just kept staring at the video. Just..wow.
Very moving, indeed.
Thanks for posting this.
Excellent video.
thanks for posting this
So where does atheist-"bashing" fit in on this spectrum? I can think of a few incidents like Paul Mirecki being beaten up for sending email criticizing fundies, the Jewish(?) family driven out of town in Delaware on suspicion of being atheists, a family in Oklahoma that had something similar thing happen to them. But on the whole, I'd say reactions against atheism in the US are closer to the Christian end than to the gay end: most of it is just insults on the Internet and editorials in magazines and newspapers. Words, not sticks and stones.
Great vid. Also I'm with arensb too, Atheists are on a smaller level similar to homosexual when it comes to "bashing" on us. However, more often than not, the bashing is on paper and not on fists.

I always find it endlessly amusing how the bashing Christians, after constant attacks on other groups, are now taking the position of victim. They haven't been victims on any larger level in a long ass time, they should stfu unless they're in a country like Korea where actual Christian opression happens.
Great video, but it really makes me hate humanity. :(
Everybody should watch it. Everybody.
please tell me there is a reason that "this video is no longer available" that doesn't have anything to do with YouTube knuckling under to bigots...
nm -- seems to be back up.

Terrific video. I'm going to share this and make some people as uncomfortable as I was watching it.
That guy owns. Well fucking said.

Incredibly moving and on-point.
I've added it to my "Fuck You, YouTube" folder because the audio isn't working here or at the website.