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The Eucharist Challenge

"It is hard to think of anything more vile than to intentionally desecrate the Body of Christ. We look to those who have oversight responsibility to act quickly and decisively."

- Bill Donahue, disingenuous fuckwit, calling for legal action against PZ Myers for his vow to defile the Eucharist

Can YOU think of something more vile? Don't strain yourself, though. This is going to be HARD!


Isn't masticating it a form of desecration anyway?
But he wants you to eat him!
Stealing £1 is more vile, I'd say. Or lets not be too over the top, stealing $1 is more vile!
How bout setting it on fire? :D
I know! I know!

How about molesting children? Or denying potential AIDS victims access to condoms?

And fighting against equal rights for people based on the genitalia of who they love, and causing women to either bear children they can't take care of or risk their lives through unsafe abortion?
I stole the Eucharist in high school, took it home and ejaculated on it. Had I known it would cause this kind of uproar, I might have told someone that I'd done so.
*standing ovation*
I must be completely pessimistic and dejected, but I expected as much as soon as PZ posted his intentions.
I saw a young kid puke Christ one day in Church. That has to be really vile, being left on the cold floor soaking in acid and half-digested popcorn.
Dammit, people eat while reading this, you know! XP
Phil Donahue seriously needs to take Bill out back and shoot him. Because I keep getting them mixed up and Bill is clearly worthless anyway. >_
Icon love!
I find all this desecrating of the Eucharist funny because one of the few times I ever attended church as a small child, I was given the Eucharist and vomited very shortly thereafter on the church's floor. Haha, being a sickly child wins. I got away with it entirely since it was shortly after I had gotten out of the hospital for having GBS, and my grandfather explained that to them. I went to church one last time after that, and I whined about wanting to leave the entire time. The giant statue of bloody, crucified Jesus at their church had those eyes that will follow you everywhere. I hid underneath the pews and thought that he was going to get me if I looked. I had to of been around five at the time?

I actually don't think I've ever told this story to anyone before! I guess it was a precursor to my future, but I have to admit puking up the Eucharist as a small child is probably one of the funniest things I've ever done to this day.
It was a Sign. Christ heals diseases, not aggravates them.
How about drawing satanic symbols on it with blood? Or, y'know, the wine catholic priests use that's been reduced so it's thicker.
I think it's pretty vile that churches get to collect revenue without paying income tax, and own property without paying property tax.

But honestly, does anyone else think that PZ's being a little immature here?
i go to UCF, too. this is just embarrassing.
How about actually harming someone? You know, a REAL person.
"However, if anything were to qualify as a hate crime, to us this seems like this might be it."

No lady, physically assaulting a Catholic because of their beliefs would be a hate crime. I'd ask you and your ilk to refrain from overselling it, but I know from experience that it would be extremely futile on my part.
I would also maybe given it a little credence if someone stole a cross from a church, or desicrated something expensive or premanent, like an altar or a pipe organ or something.

But don't try to tell me that these little wafers aren't shipped by the gross, and that there aren't probably several tons of the shit sitting in warehouses all over the planet.

And while I'm on the subject, I wonder what happens when a priest drops a wafer or something like that. Is there a ritual or a funeral, or does the 10 second rule still apply when transubstantiation is involved?
Telling a five year old who knows nothing other than Catholicism that her precious kitten has no soul and that when it dies she'll never see it again in the afterlife sounds pretty vile to me. At least worse than stealing some crackers.
Yeah, I never got where their loyalty to that one came from. I guess it's their way of not being too idealistic?
When I was younger and visiting my friend's church, I took one of these and walked back down the isle with it because I wanted to keep it as a souvenir. It turns out this is frowned upon, as evidenced by everyone in the front row irritatedly urging me to eat it.


This story shows precisely the line separating superstition from moral standards / laws. Even if values are subjective, whatever laws we come up with should be informed by science/reason. This is a serious offense if this piece of bread is actually the body of our lord and savior. But there's zero evidence that it is, so it shouldn't hold up in court (or in the law-making process).
Seeing four people post links to the same story. :)
Four so far!
Crakurz iz srs bzns!!!
It seems to me that once the priest gives you the cracker it is now YOURS! Chew it, gum it, nibble on it for the rest of the day or put it in your pocket it is yours to do with as you please.
Even your own dirty bits don't belong to you, they are God's first. Everthang belowngs tew Gawahd!!!
That is pretty sweet-- I guess I never realized that it would get religious folks seriously up in arms. We should come up with lots of person-specific crimes to commit against the eucharist-- things that if they were actually done to a human body or a thinking, breathing person, would definitely be crimes.

I've also wondered more than once lately if there's a way for a whole community of atheists to legitimately profess Islam en masse so that we can meaningfully renounce it.
There'd still be a billion Muslims if you did that.
Worse than desecrating Jesus' body? How about hurting his feelings?